Finally I update this!

Ok so I am not managing to update this ever month let alone every week so I guess this will turn into an updated as and when I have the time or when I have something interesting to say!

So for this one I have been looking at how massage can help with depression as this felt rather timely, what with the rubbish weather. Anatomy in Motion from Facebook seem to have the same idea and recently put up an article that takes you to a site quoting the American Journal of Psychiatry -

I have also found another site the health reviser that gives some good information on the different types of depression and states that whilst massage is not a cure for depression it can certainly help

So happy reading and get in touch if you have any questions about this or any other issues.


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My name is Martina Regan and I am a professional massage therapist. I work in Brighton and Hove and am ITEC and Guild qualified, a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and fully insured for all areas of body massage for all ages (including children over 3 with adult supervision required for those under 16).

I use Swedish massage techniques to provide a holistic healing massage therapy that provides many benefits as well as a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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