Hello Everyone!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – or is it the other way around – anyway getting that bit out of the way early!

So this is the first time I have ever done a blog and is the first entry for this website so I thought I would explain what I am thinking this will be used for and invite comments. So what is the purpose of this – well apart from helping me up the listings in search engines – I am hoping that this can become a place where people can find out the things they want to know about how massage can help with various conditions and also provide links to other useful and helpful information sources.

I will attempt to add a new blog every week and update you with interesting things I have found. I will be more than happy to answer any questions that people send me – it will help me find things to write about. So if you have a question or comment please do email me at [email protected].

But as I have no questions to answer yet I am going to give you a case study and a link to a facebook page I am finding a great source of interest stuff about our bodies Anatomy In Motion – you have to have a Facebook log in to see it sorry.

Case study: Pam

One of my regular clients Pam is an old friend and fab photographer who came to me in October with a very sore neck, a problem she had been suffering with for over 12 months. She had repeatedly been told it was muscular and there was very little her doctor could do to help. Pam was on a number of different medications including quite heavy duty pain killers to help her cope but was finding the pain and associated stress was limiting her life greatly. She had found massage a help in the past and her Doctor was also happy for her to see if it could give some pain relief so on seeing my first post on my Facebook page she got in touch and we arranged her first appointment.

Pam’s neck and shoulders were most definitely in need of some serious assistance. I was not surprised to hear she was in a lot of pain and having problems sleeping. Whilst Pam enjoyed her first hour full body massage I was rather concerned that she may be in some pain for a few days afterwards and this proved to be the case. She did find she had less pain in her lower back and so she persevered and came back to me weekly for a full body treatment. The second treatment proved to cause her much less pain afterwards and before our third session Pam told me she was feeling much better, had stopped taking most or her pain killers and was managing to sleep through the night.

After four weekly sessions I am now treating Pam every other week and with the amazing progress she is making I am sure she will not need a massage more than once a month soon.

In addition to helping to ease her pain Pam has found that the new awareness massage has given her of her own body is helping her take much better care of herself and despite catching the horrid cold that has been lurking around every corner she did not go under with it and managed to work her way through it.

It has been great working with Pam because she is so proactive and willing to learn and try new things. And it is wonderful to be involved in helping someone heal a long term issue in a natural way.

So that’s enough of my wittering for now. As I said above if you have any questions you would like me answer please do get in touch [email protected]

Wishing you all a very happy and joy filled Christmas

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My name is Martina Regan and I am a professional massage therapist. I work in Brighton and Hove and am ITEC and Guild qualified, a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and fully insured for all areas of body massage for all ages (including children over 3 with adult supervision required for those under 16).

I use Swedish massage techniques to provide a holistic healing massage therapy that provides many benefits as well as a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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